IMG Capital Management Group

IMG Capital Management Group is a firm dedicated to creating investment portfolios that reflect the specific needs of its clientele. Helping people find the proper balance between growth, income and capital preservation is the cornerstone of our approach.

The evolution of today’s financial marketplace has created a nearly unlimited number of investment options. Equities, fixed-income and derivatives of these assets have created many opportunities for those willing to properly evaluate these products. As President of IMG Capital Management Group, I have over twenty six years of investment management experience. This experience has allowed me to evaluate the many factors that are involved in the establishment of a successful client-advisor relationship.

The creation of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) puts on paper the objectives of our clients and describes the strategies that IMG will employ to meet those objectives. Risk tolerance, time horizons, permissible asset classes, restrictions, monitoring, and reporting are but a few of the items covered by the IPS. The IPS is both a portfolio blueprint and a report card.

The management of the investment portfolio is a dynamic process. Fluctuating market conditions, unforeseen world events, and changes to the initial objectives necessitate constant review and adjustments. Helping our clients make intelligent decisions is accomplished only after analyzing how the new data affects our clients' chosen parameters.

IMG Capital Management Group was created in 2004 as a spin off from IMG Financial Group, Inc. The separate entity was created in response to the demand for personalized fee-based asset management from our high net-worth clients.

Allen D. Pong,CFP®,CLU, ChFC


IMG Capital Management is Independently Owned and Operated.